Paintings by Visually Impaired Kids

P1 – Lady

Artist: Neha Khare
Price: Rs.4999/-

P2 – Ghar

Artist: Sarika Billore
Price: Rs.4999/-

P3 – House

Artist: Jagdish Vishwakarma
Price: Rs.4999/-

P4 – House and Sun

Artist: Pancham Yadhav
Price: Rs.4999/-

Galalite has enjoyed 60 years of success and in order to celebrate their prosperity, the company has pledged to donate a certain percentage of money with each purchase of the Galalite screen to Sightsavers to recognize the importance of sight. The main aim of this drive is to enable children to watch a movie in the theater, experience it with 3D glasses,popcorn and coke.

The number of people suffering from visual impairment in India alone is in millions which constitutes a third of the world’s statistics. India is a country where even below the age of one, people have gone to the theater to watch a movie. This culture is imbibed in such a young age and therefore when issues of vision impairment arises, they miss out on the movie experience. Galalite,in association with Sightsavers wants to give a second chance to those individuals to enjoy the experience of watching a cinema on the big screen again.

We don’t need your big bank balances, we only require your zeal to lend a hand. Want to help the children to experience the same cinema merriment and enjoyment that you experience ? The popcorn fights and the time spent choosing the correct seats are some of the fondest memories everyone has of watching a movie. Support our cause. Donate your time. Become a volunteer.

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Galalite®, the flagship brand of GTC industries which manufactures the widest range of innovative Projection Screen surfaces, ensures better movie viewing experiences with the assurance of high performance efficiency, absolute value-for-money and time bound delivery. A family owned business since inception in 1959, and head-quartered in Mumbai, the Commercial Capital and Heartland of the Movie Industry in India, Galalite® has emerged as one of the largest suppliers of screens to Exhibitors worldwide.

Sightsavers’ work in India has enabled thousands of people to lead lives of independence and dignity. We have been working with local partners to strengthen organisations and communities, and have supported the treatment of millions of people with eye disorders. We have educated, counseled, trained and rehabilitated people who are visually impaired or blind, and helped extend the reach of eye services to the least served areas of India.

253 million people in the world are visually impaired. One out of every three people suffering from Visual Impairment lives in India. Sight savers with its global presence and reach tries to serve the purpose more efficiently since the 1950s.
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