About ImagineSee

This initiative is a collaboration between Galalite- manufactures of the widest range of innovative Projection Screen surfaces for cinemas that ensures better movie viewing experiences and Sightsavers- an international non-governmental organisation that works with partners in developing countries to treat and prevent avoidable blindness, and promote equality for people with visual impairments. The association between these two is established with a hope to spread awareness about preventive blindness and help in providing treatment to the visually impaired in India. This alliance aspires to do the best for those who can imagine but can’t see.

Our Mission

Galalite has enjoyed 60 years of success and in order to celebrate their prosperity, the company has pledged to donate a certain percentage of money with each purchase of the Galalite screen to Sightsavers to recognize the importance of sight. The main aim of this drive is to enable children to watch a movie in the theater, experience it with 3D glasses,popcorn and coke.

Our Vision

The number of people suffering from visual impairment in India alone is in millions which constitutes a third of the world’s statistics. India is a country where even below the age of one, people have gone to the theater to watch a movie. This culture is imbibed in such a young age and therefore when issues of vision impairment arises, they miss out on the movie experience. Galalite,in association with Sightsavers wants to give a second chance to those individuals to enjoy the experience of watching a cinema on the big screen again.