Paintings by Visually Impaired Kids

We conducted a social drive in Bhopal,Sohagpur district with 20 visually impaired children participating and unleashing their creativity on paper. Below are some of the masterpieces created by these talented 20 children with high aspirations and lots of hopes and dreams. We are auctioning these paintings in order to raise money for these visually impaired children and are giving all the proceeds raised to Sightsavers in the hope that they will be able to restore the gift of sight for some of the children.

P31 – Tree and Birds

Artist: Sarika Billore
Price: Rs.4999/-

P32 – Mahal

Artist: Radhika Uikey
Price: Rs.4999/-

P33 – Flowers

Artist: Suman Sharma
Price: Rs.4999/-